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Software Development Trends Report

Psychological Safety: The Foundation to Build Your Team’s Success

Psychological Safety

Sometimes, teamwork gets tiring, communication gets weird, fresh ideas are rare and far between, and people are more likely to jump down each other’s throats. Sound familiar? Building psychological safety could help you fix all that. We interviewed Dan Rummel, Senior Director of Engineering at One Medical on this topic. (Podcast + blog post inside)

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Heroes and Juniors: Increasing Engineering Team Velocity

Management Resource Team Velocity

Or why organizational science is a powerful tool for building better software.

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Surprising insights from talking to hiring teams in Silicon Valley

Engineering Resource Hiring

I’ve talked to various hiring teams over the past several months and after spending 3 years building out an engineering team myself, I was surprised by some of the things I discovered.

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Makers, Don't Let Yourself Be Forced Into the 'Manager Schedule'

Maker Schedule Manager Schedule

In Masters of Doom, a book about the game development company id Software and its influence on popular culture, David Kushner reflected on the unconventional working style of the company's ace coder, John Carmack.

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How To Run Effective Remote Team Meetings

Engineering Resource Remote Meetings

The remote meeting guide every manager needs: 7 practices that will help you run highly productive and inclusive virtual meetings.

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How To Be A Good Software Engineer Mentor

Engineering Mentor

Mentoring is one of the best ways to help junior developers grow their skills. As a mid-level or senior developer, it's up to you to decide what kind of mentor you want to be. The most important thing to keep in mind as a mentor is that it's not about you. It's not about your experience or how eloquently you can write code.

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How to build a startup engineering team

Startup Engineering

Advice for when you’re starting from scratch and designing for growth.

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Hiring for Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness Engineering Resource

Why startups should hire conscientious people—and how to find them

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You’re awesome [but I just think so secretly]


If you are like me or many of the engineers¹ I have known, it is considerably easier to find things to criticize and critique. Most of the time, constructive criticism is our job. We identify problems and create solutions to them. We are hardwired to identify opportunities for improvement.

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How to offer challenges to your teammates

Offer Challange

Think about when a manager’s helped skyrocket your growth—what did they do? Did they teach you a new skill? Did they give you hard feedback?

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Software Development Trends Report

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