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Scaling Developer Teams: Know-How From Amazon, Facebook and Intercom - Interview with Rich Archbold

Scaling Up Development Teams

Software companies often grow quickly, which means developer teams often suffer to manage scaling at the pace of growth and necessary workload. We sat down with Rich Archbold to pick his brain on how they scaled developer teams at Amazon, Facebook and Intercom.

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6 Podcasts Every Engineer Should Subscribe To

The Best Engineering Podcasts

Do you want to be more knowledgeable in the field of engineering? Well, look no further! Whether you are walking your dog, driving a car, or travelling in a bus, a podcast can be your best friend - it is reliable, obedient and will rarely let you down (unless it runs out of battery!).

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How to transition Individual Contributors to Leadership roles

Ic To Leader Transition

Choosing, retaining and nurturing the right talent means everything for any company. In the early days, your company needs people able to wear many hats and execute rapidly in an ever changing environment. As you scale, and your needs evolve, you will need people that are able to focus on specific areas.

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Asynchronous Communication: The Real Reason Remote Workers Are More Productive

Async Comm Remote

Study after study after study into remote work has made one thing clear: Remote workers are more productive than their office-bound counterparts. What’s not entirely clear is why.

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Thriving on the Technical Leadership Path

Thriving Tech Lead

The management path isn’t the only way to be a technical leader. I don’t wish to become a manager; I tried it briefly (73 days to be exact, I counted) and decided managing other people wasn’t where my passion lies. I like being an engineer. In particular, I flourish in a strategic technical leadership role.

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How to Make Tech Interviews a Little Less Awful

Tech Interview

Everything about the current interview process in tech is broken. I suspect that, no matter what, being evaluated and making judgements on others for a decision that has a big impact on you both is never going to be fun — especially since both of you only have a limited amount of time for the process. However, I think there is plenty of room to make tech interviews slightly less awful than they currently are.

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Transitioning Teams as a Manager

Team Transition Manager

When a team gets a new manager, it can be a time of great uncertainty. The manager should try to minimize that uncertainty for the team. Still, it’s natural for people to evaluate whether they still want to be on the team. Why?

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Software Engineering Promotions: Advice to Get to That Next Level

Engineering Promotion

I've had a pretty good run with promotions lately. When I transitioned from being an engineer to management, I had eight people report to me. Two years later, all of them got promoted to the next level, as well as a few other developers, who joined my team later on. I've since helped people outside my team put together successful promotion cases and have been a member on a few promotion committees for engineers. Recently, I also got promoted to the next level of engineering management.

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Tech Giants Need to F***ing Behave - To Put it Mildly

Tech Giants

Companies that have scaled will not necessarily survive the next business wave, especially if new technologies becoming commercially viable will ask for a wholly new business playbook, to which existing giants can hardly adapt to.

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Engineering Career Development at Etsy

Career Ladder

In late May of 2018, Etsy internally released an Engineering Career Ladder. Today, we’re sharing that ladder publicly and detailing why we decided to build it, why the content is what it is, and how it’s been put into use since its release.

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