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Recruiting Engineers: Asana’s Secrets to Hiring Talent

Recruiting Engineers Greg Sabo Asana

We interviewed Greg Sabo, from Asana on recruiting engineers, to learn how one of the top companies in the industry faces this challenge. Check it out for actionable tips that can take your recruitment process to the next level as well!

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Liam Martin: 5 Golden Rules of Hiring Remotely

Hiring Remotely

Basically, there is no quantitative data currently that shows that remote off-sites actually work. We may find in the future that team retreats are actually not effective at all. But as of right now, since we have a whole bunch of extra cash, we basically do it. And the reason why we have so much extra cash is because we have a remote-first organization.

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Scrum and Kanban: What’s the difference?

Scrum Vs Kanban

When working in an agile model, two task management techniques are often at the top of the list of approaches a team might take – Kanban and Scrum.

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Lean Poker: Agile Training Molded Into Team Building

Agile Training Team Building Cover

We recently held a company-wide hackathon at Coding Sans, and went with making it a Lean Poker event. It proved to be a great way to teach agile principles to our developers, it was a lot of fun for everyone involved, and got everyone in the company closer together.

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10 Lessons Learned 4 Years Into Management

Management Lessons

I’ve been a manager for the past 4 years and a leadership coach for the last 2 years. Someone asked me if I could share my learnings and experiences and here are the 10 things I learned.

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The Diversity Diaries: How Can We Promote Diversity in STEM?

Diversity Stem

The issue of diversity in STEM fields is something which has been spoken about for some time, albeit until recently on a smaller scale. Is the issue of diversity, starting to be recognised at a greater scale in STEM fields? Has there been a shift in the increase in vocalising the discussion and creation of movements and organisations with the sole focus of addressing the concerns of those directly affected. Although increasingly spoken about, what are we doing to address diversity and how can we practically address the issue currently present? We asked some of our friends in STEM for their practical solutions.

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What is a Tech Lead? The 4 worst things about this promotion

What Is A Tech Lead

You’ve been promoted to Tech Lead! Congrats!

But what is a tech lead?

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Cultural Debt

Cultural Debt

In the technology industry, you start to create “technical debt” when you kick off a new piece of software. You make upfront assumptions about how you need to build and then bias for action to get your product to market. Later, you’ll want to restructure or refactor the software to correct misalignment from those early decisions. You stabilize and reset things so you can build on a solid foundation into the future.

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Software Development Trends Report

Manager TLDR – Issue 10

Receive Constructive Feedback Work

Constructive feedback, questions for your first one-on-one meeting, and high-trust distributed teams.

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Building trust — with people and software

Dilbert Trust

In this post, I will talk about the foundation for feedbacks (and any other type of communication) — building trust. When thinking on a technical comparison, I thought to myself, how can I build trust with the code I’m writing, and the answer was clear — testing!!

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