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Engineering Productivity: How Two Sigma Keeps Developers Engaged

Engineering Productivity Camille Fournier

Engineering productivity is the key to unlock real treasure in the software development industry. So we interviewed Camille Fournier, well-known and successful tech leader on engineering productivity and for real-life, actionable insights on how to maximize it.

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You Aren’t Communicating Nearly Enough


Imagine for a moment that you have a new friend, and you notice you haven’t heard from them for a while. They haven’t replied to your last couple of texts. Would you wonder if you’ve been ghosted? Of course, on some level, you know they might have just gotten busy, but on some level, you probably also think, “I shouldn’t have told them about my collection of vintage melamine dinnerware… now they just don’t like me anymore.”

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Software Development Trends Report

Your first 90 days as CTO or VP Engineering.


For my next role transition, happening later this month, I wanted a set of tactical best practices for starting as a Chief Technology Officer or VP of Engineering, so I did some research and collected these recommendations.

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How to Create Events to Help Girls Prepare for STEM Careers

Stem Girls

It's obvious to even the most casual observer that the tech industry fares poorly when it comes to attracting women. Surely you don't need me to trot out diversity statistics? To address the inequities, many organizations laudably devote attention to outreach activities for girls, such as community hackathons and school events. Many of these events happen in underrepresented communities.

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Engineering the hiring of engineers

Engineer Hiring

Engineering is much more than just writing code – it’s about improving a system. By re-engineering our hiring processes, we can bring much-needed efficiency and results to the system.

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The Celebration Organization – Why Celebrating Achievement Matters


I’m a manager at Algolia, and my role is to help my team pick the right actions and do them right in a safe environment. Giving celebrations is a great tool to guide my people toward success and to keep them on that road. In this blog post, I’ll tell you why, what, and how to celebrate to foster an uplifting culture in your organization, focused on achievements.

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Do You Have Any Feedback For Me?

Feedback Feedbag

It should not be controversial at this point to say that feedback is one of the most impactful levers in our professional and personal development. The recognition of this has resulted in countless books and articles being written on how to deliver candid feedback in a kind, empathetic way.

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How I Do (Hopefully) Fair Performance Reviews for Software Developers

Performance Review

I've had about a dozen performance reviews during my decade-long software engineering career. Some of them were unmemorable, some okay, but a good chunk of them were just... plain bad. Often, these bad ones marked my "shields down" moment. The point I lost trust in my manager and decided that I need to change teams or companies. When I became a manager, I silently vowed to do whatever I can to not have those awkward and bad performance reviews.

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Getting Over Your Fear of Giving Tough Feedback

Tough Feedback

Corinth spent the afternoon staring at her ever growing inbox, perplexing on how she was going to tackle the snowballing problem with Frances. Each time she tried to address the issue, she found herself tiptoeing around and not getting the point across. Even when she rehearsed it in her mind–as she was doing now–when it came time to deliver, somehow it came out flat. “I really need to get better at giving feedback,” she thought to herself.

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Sharing Context on Slack (or similar)

Sharing Context

This is the fourth post in a series about asynchronous collaboration. By asynchronous, I mean that people on the team don’t always work at the exact same time. It’s common on distributed teams, especially across time zones. You can see all the posts so far on this series right here.

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