Episode 1: Managing Remote Teams - Katie Womersley (VP of Engineering at Buffer)

Katie Womerlsey has been with the fully remote Buffer since the early days. Started as a software engineer, then moved on to engineering manager, and today she is VP of Engineering. She has faced all the challenges remote developer teams have to offer, and she’ll explain how she overcame them.

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Episode 2: Mentoring Developers - Gergely Orosz (Engineering Manager at Uber)

Gergely Orosz spent many years working for great companies both as a software engineer and a manager, and got a boatload of experience on being mentored and mentoring others. Even today the software development industry isn’t strong on doing explicit mentoring programs, so his insight is extremely valuable.

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Episode 3: Scaling Developer Teams - Rich Archbold (Senior Director of Engineering at Intercom)

Rich Archbold worked for Amazon and Facebook in the past, currently, he’s a Senior Director of Engineering at Intercom. He gained loads of experience by working for huge companies with developer teams scaling constantly whether it’s growth, a split or forming into a completely new one. He’s the man to go to for scaling advice.

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