Frequently asked questions about software outsourcing

We know that outsourcing software development could be something that keeps you up at nights, so we put together this FAQ page, addressing common questions and objections to help you sleep better and make it clear what you can expect from us when we start working together.

We believe that offshore software development works best when the whole process is transparent on both sides.

How do we communicate during the project?

We know that communication is a real issue when working with an offshore software development company. This is why we paid attention to refining our communication methods with our clients. We use Slack, which is a communication tool for teams, and everyone who is involved on the project will join. Also, we hold regular status meetings at every main milestone to give a clear view to the client. We will never disappear; we hate ghosting.

I’m afraid I will lose control of my product…

The direction of product development is determined by you; we’re focusing on implementation. Due to responsive communication, you can give us immediate feedback and critique on the latest version of the product. Your suggestions and changes are always welcome.

How do I protect my idea?

There is only one person who knows your market the best: you. We don’t know your market, so we don’t have the necessary resources and expertise to make that product successful.

Every IP right is yours. We have nothing to do with your product apart from helping you with the implementation. Everything we create is yours and we have no right to use it elsewhere or sell it on our own. When we start working together, every detail will be clarified in our contract.

What if you don’t deliver what I want?

Product milestones will be carefully determined to clear expectations and make sure we’re on the same page.

During the product development process, you can track every move and commit we make on Github. This makes our process fully transparent and with responsive communication, we will be on the right track to deliver what you really want.

What if you screw up the code and I need to rewrite it?

Our code is tested, readable and comprehensible. We also include comments to make sure it’s clear what certain parts of the code are actually doing.

We follow the industry standard style guide for concise formatting so there won’t be any unpleasant Easter eggs in the code.

Bastards! You will charge me with hidden costs

We’re not those guys... The maximum cost of software development will be clarified and recorded in the contract. There are no other hidden costs and sneaky tricks. Promise.

Do you have further questions?

Do you have further questions? We’re happy to help; just drop us a message to [email protected] or fill in the from by clicking the button below.

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