Become the new face of Coding Sans!

We're looking for International Sales Partners to spend several months in a western metropolis, build relationships within the local IT community, and convert this social capital into business opportunities. Go on the adventure of a lifetime, and become the new face of Coding Sans!

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Live abroad

Spend several months living in a western metropolis like Oslo, Amsterdam or Berlin.

Build relationships

Attend conferences, go to parties and build an invaluable network in the local IT community.

Make deals

Convert your connections into business associates and make deals where everybody wins.

Make money

Receive a stable salary, a monthly allowance to cover your expenses and 10% commission after each deal you make.

Gain experience

Gain valuable experience in international sales within the tech sector to take your career to the next level.

Represent us

Become the new face of Coding Sans and open up a new horizon for our company!
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