Our Principles

Coding Sans is a team of real people, aligned in shared values. We don’t just build apps; we form long-term relationships with our clients and team members. Here are the eight most important principles we live by every single day.

Relationships over transactions. We play the infinite game, taking a long-term view with all our stakeholders. We never sacrifice long-term mutual wins over short-term gains.


Quality above deadlines. We pride ourselves on the quality of our code. We put in the extra effort to make our code easy to read and work with.


Employees first. “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” - Richard Branson


A growth mindset is a must. We employ people from various backgrounds. The velocity of learning is the only thing we care about. Continuous learning and curious experimentation keep us competitive; we believe any skill can be learned through deliberate practice.


Support the community. We are a product of our community; without it, we couldn’t thrive. That’s why we make opensource contributions, do pro-bono charity work for different foundations and sponsor meetups.


Mutual trust. We believe every team member does his best and acts in good faith. We can count on each other, no matter what.


Default to transparency. There are no secrets; we never withhold information from our clients. We believe openness and honesty are the keys to building trust.


Friendliness always wins over anger. Things do not always go as planned. There are ups and downs and stressful periods, but there is one thing that should be kept in kind: friendliness always wins over anger.