Connecting the dots between software outsourcing demand and supply

Advisory services that help clients assess different technology strategies and, in doing so, align their technology strategies with their business or process strategies. Help connect the lines between businesses and potential clients aligning the needs of both. Armed with the knowledge of 80+ tech leaders from all over the world.

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How Can We Help?

Full Project Delivery

You will get a dedicated team to take care of the full product delivery. We design, we code, and we ship your application.

Team Extension

This is the best choice if your team’s workload is high or you need expertise in a technology your team isn’t familiar with. We provide our best developers who work as part of your team.

MVP for Startups

Using our startup experience, we design and build your MVP so you can test your business concept with a real product.

UX Research

We help you learn more about your users and explore possible competitors and discover market gaps.

UX Planning

We do user persona development and user journey planning to maximize the quality and usability of your product.

UI Design

We completely design your product. Our design team creates code-ready design, speeding up the technological implementation.
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Why Work With Us

Adaptive Team

Work with our A-team to save yourself the hassle of building your own developer team. We help you flexibly scale the team to best serve the needs of your project.

Reduce Developer Overload

We work as your in-house remote team, so you can distribute the workload and ship your product faster.

Speed up Your Product Launch

We build cutting-edge solutions for you with top-notch technical skills. We help you move quickly in a fast-changing environment.
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Our Story


We are an IT consulting firm that specializes in providing knowledgeable and reliable services to businesses and clients across the globe. Founded in 2016, Coding Sans has been a leader in providing innovative digital solutions to businesses of all sizes, understanding both client and business needs while leveraging the latest technologies. When we had reached our limit in providing our talented developers with stimulating work opportunities, our partnership with the most prominent digital consultancy has enabled us to take our capabilities to the next level. With our engineers pursuing their goals in a new environment, most of the business team stayed together to educate and aid businesses through consulting services.

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What We Build

Cross-platform Mobile App Development

We create cross-platform mobile applications, running on multiple mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.

Web Application Development

We build scalable, responsive, and secure web applications. Our superpower is Angular on the front-end and Node.js on the back-end. We also work with TypeScript, React, and Golang.

Serverless App Development

We build full-stack serverless applications, which can be a cross-platform mobile or web application. We mostly work with AWS, but we have experience with a wide range of cutting edge serverless technologies.

Our Work

Focusing on aiding the development of your world class product in an efficient manner is our top priority.

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How We Do It

Code Quality

Our code is tested, linted, and follows the industry best practices. It’s also self-describing so you will know exactly what is happening under the hood.

Free sprint

You won’t get to know us until you work with us. To minimize your risk in the process, we provide the first sprint of coding for free, so you can check out how we actually work to decide whether it meets your requirements.

Full transparency

We provide full code transparency with version tracking software (GitLab or GitHub) and use a direct communication platform (Slack) to communicate achievements, setbacks, and changing requirements on the fly.
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Our Clients

Some of our clients from a wide range of industries.

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The Level-Up Engineering Podcast is the ultimate resource for engineering managers and tech leaders. It brings you key insights from experienced tech leaders, showing you exactly how they overcame their biggest challenges. Learn the best practices on management, leadership, and process optimization from some of the most successful tech leaders in the industry. Get actionable management secrets and tips on how to take your engineering team to the next level.

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