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Here is a selection of projects and case studies we have worked on in the past.

GadsVisor: Web App Development in React and Node.js

GAdsVisor is an online advertising optimization web application that gives practical advice on GoogleAds campaigns written in React and Node.js. This tool aims to be any online marketing professional’s best friend who manages multiple GoogleAds accounts on a daily basis.

Enterprise Web Application Development in Angular for Healthcare Company

Rewriting a complete enterprise-level web application in Angular for Servelec, a healthcare company in the UK.

MadBro: Serverless Video Advertising Platform Development

Serverless application development for video advertising platform. Users pay for a gated content by watching targeted video ads.

ClipDis: Mobile App Development for Video Messaging App

Frontend and video cutting solution development that provides video-based communication. Android application development.

Blueopes - Digital Platform Development for Wealth Management Company

Blueopes is an automated wealth and personal financial management service for asset managers

Hybrid Mobile Application Development for the Hungarian Rescue Dog Foundation

A hybrid mobile application that connects rescue dog owners with emergency situations where a rescue dog is needed. [Pro Bono Project]

Publish Check: Web Application Development for Editorial Analytics Platform

Publish Check provides a software-as-a-service product for getting publishers real-time analytics on content performance.

MeetupFeed: MVP Web Application Development

MeetupFeed collects and organizes recordings from tech meetups and conferences.


We’ve worked on the backend and frontend of their CRM. It helps universities attract the right talents in the most efficient way.


In charge of the whole development project. Building the frontend and backend, combined with heavy encryption to handle healthcare data.
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Our Story


We are an IT consulting firm that specializes in providing knowledgeable and reliable services to businesses and clients across the globe. Founded in 2016, Coding Sans has been a leader in providing innovative digital solutions to businesses of all sizes, understanding both client and business needs while leveraging the latest technologies. When we had reached our limit in providing our talented developers with stimulating work opportunities, our partnership with the most prominent digital consultancy has enabled us to take our capabilities to the next level. With our engineers pursuing their goals in a new environment, most of the business team stayed together to educate and aid businesses through consulting services.

_The pillars of our work

How We Do It

Code Quality

Our code is tested, linted, and follows the industry best practices. It’s also self-describing so you will know exactly what is happening under the hood.

Free sprint

You won’t get to know us until you work with us. To minimize your risk in the process, we provide the first sprint of coding for free, so you can check out how we actually work to decide whether it meets your requirements.

Full transparency

We provide full code transparency with version tracking software (GitLab or GitHub) and use a direct communication platform (Slack) to communicate achievements, setbacks, and changing requirements on the fly.