ClipDis: Mobile App Development for Video Messaging App

ClipDis is a video mashup generator that transforms ordinary messages into sequential short clips from popular movies and YouTube videos. Users can simply type a message, with emoticons included, and ClipDis matches each word or emoticon with a micro-clip. Users also can take a selfie video of themselves to fill in the holes or replace a word, until they are satisfied with the entire mashup. ClipDis partnered with Facebook and Kik Messenger and later introduced a chatbot.

Technologies:Node.js, Angular
I really like working with them because of their guaranteed quality and respect for deadlines. If we find bugs, they take care of them quickly. They’ve never let us down, and I expect they’ll continue to meet our expectations in the future.Samuel Hapak, CEO at ClipDis


ClipDis needed a live video editor from archived videos and YouTube footage as well. If somebody typed a text message, the message should be transformed into a sequence of short video clips.

Accuracy matters when it comes to cutting videos into micro-clips, but ensuring every short video clip was properly sliced with the audio and video synchronized was a big challenge.


Coding Sans helped ClipDis select and apply the correct technology to make live video cutting possible.  

Coding Sans partnered with ClipDis after their launch. They experienced some difficulties scaling the app, since the partnership with Facebook caused an unexpectedly high volume of requests.

We helped ClipDis to set up an optimal server configuration on Amazon Web Services to handle the high number of requests. Even though ClipDis had an in-house software team, they weren’t experienced with technologies that required the solving of the video cutting issues.

Using our experience in Node.js, we optimised the app's backend, making the videos synchronized with audio and video cutting much more accurate.

Technologies used:

  • Angularjs
  • Nodejs
  • Bootstrap
  • Native Android
  • Fabric
Kik Clip Dis



ClipDis were desperate to build their own in-house software development team, but it’s often hard to find the right talent for an IT job.

Building a team took longer, and the quality of work wasn’t as good as expected.

After, they concluded they needed to hire a firm that can guarantee a certain level of quality.


Here is what the CEO of ClipDis said about us:

"I really like working with them because of their guaranteed quality and respect for deadlines. If we find bugs, they take care of them quickly. They’ve never let us down, and I expect they’ll continue to meet our expectations in the future.

We trusted Coding Sans because they’re really keen on scheduling. Their project management was great. We had some communication issues at the beginning, but they were solved. 

During the project, we used a Scrum methodology and Slack for communication.

The most impressive thing about Coding Sans was that they know what they were talking about. They estimated accurately at the beginning and when we signed the contract. If we ran into any deadline or development issues, they never overcharged us."

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