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We love building web and cross-platform mobile applications. Here is the team behind our code.

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László Csele "Lacka"

Jolly joker

A workaholic handball player, his main playfield is the frontend.

Máté Wohlmuth


Relentless entrepreneur warrior with an army of JavaScript developers. Dedicated and devoted leader.

Gábor Zoltán Tóth “Totty”


Co-founder of Coding Sans. Gin-powered NodeJS grand master since v0.8. Codes fast, thinks fast, speaks fast.

Barna Burom


TypeScript and Angular wizard. A basketball fan and Bronze League of Legends player. If you need life coaching, he is the person to turn to.

Bálint Mérő


SPARKing prodigy ghost of the office, we rarely see him yet every single task of his is ready. Some colleagues say he doesn’t even exist.

Péter Esztári


His code is elegant like his style. After years of hard training he became immune to stress. Always learning, always perfecting himself. Certified guide to the dark side of YouTube.

Klára Szepesi

Office Manager

Our always smiling, favourite office manager. She is a dog-lover, who makes our days brighter. Our version of “Penny” from the big bang theory.

Tamás Török

Online Marketer

His primary languages are English and Hungarian, not JavaScript. He is full-stack Manchester United fan and senior CoD player. He wrote a book on content marketing.

Balázs Boros

Project Manager

Makes the developers to develop the customer's ideas, takes whatever it takes. While others speak Javascript, he speaks living languages. Likes the fieldwork, and isn't afraid to speak his mind.

Károly Székely


When it comes to playing cards -- be it Poker, Rummy or even Magic -- he is number one. He also handles sprint task cards too, moving them from TODO to DONE with the speed of light.

Dávid Juhász "Power"


Dávid Gombos

Junior Developer

Bálint Kántor


Diligent, cool, trustful, helpful colleague, works well in frontend just as in table soccer.

Örs Szalontai


Former biologist. It is strongly advised to avoid touching the foosball table when he’s in the office since it has a 99% chance of him appearing out of nowhere, and mopping the floor with your hopes.

Máté Vásárhelyi


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