Hybrid Mobile Application Development for the Hungarian Rescue Dog Foundation

The Rescue Dog application is a hybrid mobile application available on iOS and Android. The application connects rescue dog owners with emergency situations where a rescue dog is needed.

Client:Hungarian Rescue Dog Foundation
Technologies:Node.js, Angular, Amazon Web Services, Ionic, MongoDB

The Rescue Dog application is a hybrid mobile application available on iOS and Android. The application connects rescue dog owners with emergency situations where a rescue dog is needed.

The full application was developed as a pro bono project for the Alliance of the Hungarian Rescue Dog Organizations (from then “Foundation”).


Before the mobile application, a dispatcher was responsible for going through an Excel sheet and listing all the registered rescue dog owners. In case of emergency, the dispatcher had to go through the whole list to find someone who was available and also close to the location.

In some cases, the rescue dog owners weren’t available, and the dispatcher had to call them one by one until she found at least one available dog owner.

This was an inefficient way to find someone available with a rescue dog in situation where every minute counts and efficiency could save lives.

It was also impossible to track the activity of dog owners, making it really hard to compensate their service fairly. Due to the lack of transparency, it was even harder to get new sponsors for the Foundation.

The Foundation neither had a permanent developer team on board nor the necessary funds to develop a mobile application that was available on the main platforms (Android, iOS).


Coding Sans partnered with the Foundation and took the project as pro bono. We were responsible for creating the full application (developing the frontend, backend) including minor design-related activities.

 The mobile application has two main functions:

  • Dog owners can receive alerts according to their availability, which was previously set according to their preferences.
  • Administrators can easily send alerts to the available dog owners and track those who confirmed their help and are on their way to the location.



  • Sending invitations to dog owners (this is the only way someone can register the app).
  • Seeing statistics about the rescues, including the confirmation number, the number of missions, and how many missions a dog owner took part in.
  • Seeing the location of the dog owner who confirmed to help, those who are on their way and already arrived.
  • Sending alerts to available dog owners (need to provide the necessary qualification for the dog, type of rescue, coordinates and if necessary additional description about the situation).
  • Closing the alert


  • Dog owners should provide basic personal data (including name and phone number) and also info about their dog (type, rescue type).
  • Dog owners can set their availability in advance.
  • Receiving an alert (seeing which admin created it, GPS coordinates).


Thanks to the mobile application, the process of assigning cases for rescue dog owners became more efficient, helping the rescue team to arrive faster and potentially save lives in the future.

Since the application has a statistics feature, every necessary information is tracked and stored. This information can be used to make the Foundation’s operation more transparent and to attract more sponsors in the future. Based on real data, they can fairly support dog owners for their help.

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