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Level-up Engineering Podcast

Level-up Engineering podcast reveals actionable management secrets from some of the most successful tech leaders. This podcast brings you key insights from fellow engineering managers and tech leaders to level-up your management skills and to take your developer team to the next level.

Engineering management podcast

Level-up Engineering Podcast 82: Communicating Your Engineering Team’s Impact at Work - Tips for Leaders

Dan Lines, CPO and Co-Founder of LinearB, talks about the importance of representing engineering teams and gives valuable advice on how to start communicating your team’s impact.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 81: Open Source Advocacy: The Benefits of Open Source Software

Joey Wilhelm, Security Engineer at Pinwheel, talks about the benefits, security aspects and common mistakes of open source software.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 80: Books for Software Engineers: Nature-Inspired Ways to Scale Software Delivery

Yaron Perlman, author of the book DevStreams: Scaling Software Delivery. Naturally. talks about the main ideas behind the DevStreams paradigm and book.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 79: Managing Workplace Stress via Breathing Techniques

Alan Watkins, CEO and Founder of Complete, talks about managing workplace stress through breathing techniques and overcoming our animal instincts.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 78: Building and Running Teams That Prioritize Innovation

Morgan Teachworth, VP of Engineering at Cisco Meraki. He shares valuable insights on building and managing innovation-oriented teams.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 77: The Ultimate Guide to Building Successful Analytics Engineering Teams

Gopal Erinjippurath, CTO and Head of Product at Sust Global, shares valuable insights on how to build and manage analytics engineering teams.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 76: How to Prevent Quiet Quitting - Setting Healthy Boundaries at Work

Sophie Wade, Founder of Flexcel Network, shares her insights on quiet quitting and how empathy and healthy boundaries can help employees and leaders work together.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 75: How to Deal With Information Overload - A Leader’s Guide to Managing Communications

Hadi Hariri, VP of Developer Advocacy at JetBrains, talks about dealing with information overload at work. He shares his approach to communicating relevant information within the company and improving communication skills on all levels.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 74: Process Management 101: The Secrets of Efficient and Engaging Processes

Rod Garcia, VP of Engineering at Slack,shares his approach to process management. He shares his advice on implementing new processes and improving already existing ones, and tells stories of managing processes in various companies.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 73: Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time - A Leader’s Guide to Energy Management

James Stanier, Director of Engineering at Shopify shares his secrets on energy management. He talks about setting yourself up for success by planning for the unexpected,tracking goals and achievements, and keeping your calendar under control.
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Our Story


We are an IT consulting firm that specializes in providing knowledgeable and reliable services to businesses and clients across the globe. Founded in 2016, Coding Sans has been a leader in providing innovative digital solutions to businesses of all sizes, understanding both client and business needs while leveraging the latest technologies. When we had reached our limit in providing our talented developers with stimulating work opportunities, our partnership with the most prominent digital consultancy has enabled us to take our capabilities to the next level. With our engineers pursuing their goals in a new environment, most of the business team stayed together to educate and aid businesses through consulting services.

_The pillars of our work

How We Do It

Code Quality

Our code is tested, linted, and follows the industry best practices. It’s also self-describing so you will know exactly what is happening under the hood.

Free sprint

You won’t get to know us until you work with us. To minimize your risk in the process, we provide the first sprint of coding for free, so you can check out how we actually work to decide whether it meets your requirements.

Full transparency

We provide full code transparency with version tracking software (GitLab or GitHub) and use a direct communication platform (Slack) to communicate achievements, setbacks, and changing requirements on the fly.