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Level-up Engineering Podcast

Level-up Engineering podcast reveals actionable management secrets from some of the most successful tech leaders. This podcast brings you key insights from fellow engineering managers and tech leaders to level-up your management skills and to take your developer team to the next level.

Engineering management podcast

Level-up Engineering Podcast 21: Build Your Employer Brand In Engineering: Sarah Wells (Technical Director, Financial Times)

Do you want access to the best talent out there in the tech world? Obviously. This is why you need to build your engineering employer brand. You aren't Google or Netflix, you may not even become them, but you can make yourself visible in the right way to the right people, and you can get them into your organization. Learn pro tips from Sarah Wells, Technical Director at Financial Times!

Level-up Engineering Podcast 20: Time Management Masterclass for Engineering Managers: Matt Martin (CEO, Clockwise)

Learn the top time management and productivity tips, tricks, hacks and practices engineering managers use to get on top of their endless mountain of work. Profit from the hard-earned experience of Matt Martin, CEO of Clockwise to become the best manager you can be!

Level-up Engineering Podcast 19: How to Create a Culture Document: Rob Volk (CEO, Foxbox Digital)

Learn the steps of creating a culture document for an engineering company! In this interview Rob Volk reveals why Foxbox Digital needed a culture document, and what impact it had on their day-to-day work.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 18: 3 Leadership Styles for a Productive Engineering Team: Shawn Fair (Leadership Coach, CEO, Fair Consulting Group)

Master these 3 leadership styles to build an amazing engineering team and maximize your own potential as well. In this interview with Shawn Fair, you'll learn how, when, and why to use the democratic, autocratic, and free rein leadership styles for optimal results.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 17: Social Engineering: Olivia Liddell (Technical Curriculum Developer at Amazon Web Services)

Utilize social engineering tactics to make your developer team stronger and more productive than ever before. In this interview, Olivia Liddell from Amazon Web Services shows you how to use social engineering for good.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 16: Leading vs Managing: András Fincza (VP of Engineering at Emarsys)

Leading vs managing comparison, true stories of failures, shortcomings, struggles and solutions that lead to success in an executive leadership position. András Fincza, VP of Engineering, Emarsys shares his invaluable experience to tell you what you've never heard about leadership before.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 15: Clean Code for Managers: Robert C. Martin, a.k.a. Uncle Bob

Clean code is the most essential part of building great software with your team. In this interview Uncle Bob shares half a century worth of experience and practical tips about measuring code quality, leading your team, having them write clean code, and selling clean code standards to impatient clients.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 14: Transition from Engineer to Manager: Jeff Perry, Engineering Leadership Coach

You've just become a manager, and don't know where to start? You're close to a promotion, and want to be ready? It's unclear what you should focus on, how to get accepted, and how to streamline your ocean of tasks? Jeff Perry has faced all these problems, and he'll help you find the way to success in this new role.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 13: Software Development Trends 2020: Camille Fournier and Juan Pablo Buriticá

Discussion about the latest trends in the software industry, including the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with Camille Fournier (Managing Director at Two Sigma) and Juan Pablo Buriticá (taking a break, running his consultant company, ex-VPE at Splice) based on the State of Software Development 2020 report.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 12: First 100 Days as an Engineering Leader: Steven McCord (SVP of Technology at WhyHotel)

In this interview Steven McCord, Senior Vice President of Technology explains the ins and out of entering the role of a tech leader. This is how you win at your first 100 days.
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