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Level-up Engineering Podcast

Level-up Engineering podcast reveals actionable management secrets from some of the most successful tech leaders. This podcast brings you key insights from fellow engineering managers and tech leaders to level-up your management skills and to take your developer team to the next level.

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Level-up Engineering Podcast 12: First 100 Days as an Engineering Leader: Steven McCord (SVP of Technology at WhyHotel)

In this interview Steven McCord, Senior Vice President of Technology explains the ins and out of entering the role of a tech leader. This is how you win at your first 100 days.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 11: Engineering Culture: Sally Lait (Senior Engineering Manager at Monzo)

Interview with Sally Lait, Senior Engineering Manager at Monzo. Their engineering culture is well-known in the industry for being one of the best. In this podcast you'll learn how to improve your engineering culture and what red flags to look for.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 10: Recruiting Engineers: Greg Sabo (Engineering Manager at Asana)

Interview with Greg Sabo, Engineering Manager at Asana. Learn how Asana is overcoming the lack of developers on the workforce market, and get your recruitment process to the next level!

Level-up Engineering Podcast 9: Handling Conflicts, Giving Feedback: Tom Bartel (Engineering Manager at Trivago)

Handling conflicts and giving feedback are two of the most important things a manager needs to do. It has to be a given to lead a productive developer team. So we interviewed Tom Bartel, Engineering Team Leader at Trivago to share some of the tips he picked up over the years he spent as a manager.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 8: Engineering Productivity: Camille Fournier (Managing Director at Two Sigma)

In software development when capacity is the problem, most managers think they need to hire more developers. But you can push engineering productivity higher by creating the right context for your existing developers. We interviewed Camille Fournier on the topic of productivity, to learn what she's been doing as a tech leader to keep it high in her developer teams.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 7: Scaling Distributed Engineering Team: Juan Pablo Buriticá (ex-VP of Engineering at Splice)

Scaling is a massive challenge for an engineering manager to overcome, let alone scaling in a distributed environment. Juan Pablo Buriticá had done it, and in this interview he shares how he managed to pull it off. You'll get his insights and actionable tips to overcome all the issues a tech leader will face when scaling distributed engineering teams.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 6: Managing Distributed Developer Teams: Tim Olshansky (VP of Engineering at Zenput)

In software development it's more likely now than ever, that as a manager, you'll face the challenge of leading a fully or at least partially distributed developer team. It's a brand new thing for everyone, but Tim Olshansky, current VP of Engineering at Zenput has faced this already. In this interview he shares what he learned on managing distributed developer teams over the years, and gives you actionable tips on making it work as well as possible.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 5: Training Engineering Managers: Matt Greenberg (CTO at Reforge, ex-VPE at Credit Karma)

Training engineering managers doesn't get the attention it deserves. It's extremely valuable to keep and grow your own talent, rather than get all your tech leaders from a competitive workforce market. We interviewed Matt Greenberg, who has gained years of experience training new engineering managers.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 4: Creating Psychological Safety: Dan Rummel (Senior Director of Engineering at One Medical)

Dan Rummel is the Senior Director of Engineering at One Medical, and has gained tons of experience as a manager over the last one and a half decades on building psychological safety for his teams. Now you get to learn the ins and outs of his thinking and how he managed to pull it off with different teams over the years.

Level-up Engineering Podcast 3: Scaling Developer Teams: Rich Archbold (Senior Director of Engineering at Intercom)

Rich Archbold worked for Amazon and Facebook in the past, currently, he’s a Senior Director of Engineering at Intercom. He gained loads of experience by working for huge companies with developer teams scaling constantly whether it’s growth, a split or forming into a completely new one. He’s the man to go to for scaling advice.
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We are an IT consulting firm that specializes in providing knowledgeable and reliable services to businesses and clients across the globe. Founded in 2016, Coding Sans has been a leader in providing innovative digital solutions to businesses of all sizes, understanding both client and business needs while leveraging the latest technologies. When we had reached our limit in providing our talented developers with stimulating work opportunities, our partnership with the most prominent digital consultancy has enabled us to take our capabilities to the next level. With our engineers pursuing their goals in a new environment, most of the business team stayed together to educate and aid businesses through consulting services.

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