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How to Upload Files Using the Bucketeer Addon on Heroku, MinIO, and Node.js

by Dániel Brezovcsik / April 21, 2021

This post is aimed at helping you write your own storage service using Minio locally and Bucketeer on Heroku. In the sample, I used Node.js and Fastify on the backend, Angular on the frontend, and PostgreSQL for the database.
Software Development Trends 2021: The Latest Research Data

by Gábor Zöld / April 14, 2021

State of Software Development 2021 report

Software development trends come and go rapidly. A tool or framework used today might be obsolete tomorrow. We take a snapshot of the industry every year, to see how it has evolved, and make an educated guess as to where it’s headed.

The 2021 report gives you the data you need to benchmark your activities against other survey participants, get insight from others walking in your shoes to improve your developer team and keep up with the industry.

Leadership in Hypergrowth: A Case Study from Shapr3D

by Gábor Zöld / March 31, 2021

Level-up Engineering Podcast #39

Interview with Ákos Kapui, VP of Engineering at Shapr3D. He talks about running an engineering organization in hypergrowth, doubling its employee count every year. Pick up his tips, tricks, and learn from his experience as he goes into detail on recruitment, decision making at scale, and planning while in hypergrowth.

From Engineer to CEO: How to Start a Tech Company

by Gábor Zöld / March 17, 2021

Level-up Engineering Podcast #38

Interview with Taavi Rehemägi, co-founder and CEO of Dashbird. He tells the story of founding Dashbird, and what it took for him to go from software engineer to CEO. Learn how he built his network and found success in a completely different role!

Leadership Soft Skills: Master Your Own Mind to Lead Your Team to Success

by Gábor Zöld / February 17, 2021

Level-up Engineering Podcast #37

Interview with Gergely Hodicska "Felhő", VP of Engineering at Bitrise. We take a deep dive with him into leadership soft skills and his story about finding his weaknesses and turning them into superpowers. We cover common weaknesses, methods to improve yourself and others around you, and more.

Remote Onboarding: How to Save New Hires from Social Isolation

by Gábor Zöld / February 3, 2021

Level-up Engineering Podcast #36

Interview with Jerie Shaw, Senior Technical Program Manager at Shopify about building a remote onboarding process to suit the needs of remote software engineers. Coming up with new ways to get developers familiar with the job, keep energy and engagement high, and integrate them into the team while they're often continents apart.

Improve Team Performance and Turn Around Underachieving Engineering Teams

by Gábor Zöld / January 20, 2021

Level-up Engineering Podcast #35

Interview with John Ford, VP of Engineering and Site Leader at LogMeIn about his management framework to turn around underachieving teams and improve overall team performance. Learn from his practical tips and tricks while listening to some of the stories from his decades worth of engineering leadership experience!

Knowledge Sharing: A Sneak Peek into Facebook’s Engineering Teams

by Gábor Zöld / January 6, 2021

Level-up Engineering podcast #34

Interview with Balázs Balázs, former Engineering Manager at Facebook about the knowledge sharing strategies he's used over the years with his engineering teams. You'll get tips, tricks and real stories from behind the scenes about how knowledge sharing works with real people, rather than how it should work in an ideal situation.

The Ultimate Skip Level Meeting Guide for Leaders

by Gábor Zöld / December 9, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #33

Panel discussion interview with Sarah Milstein, Sr. Director of Engineering at Mailchimp, and Tanisha Barnett, Director of Engineering at Mailchimp. They get into the details of holding skip level meetings, let them be one-on-ones or group meetings.

Here's everything you'll ever need to know about why you want to have your own skip level meetings, what they look like, what questions to ask, how to break the ice, keep track of them all, and much more. Master skip level meetings to become a great engineering leader yourself!

Managing for Happiness: Tips to Run a Productive Engineering Team

by Gábor Zöld / November 25, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #32

Interview with Jurgen Appelo, leadership speaker, writer and entrepreneur. He is an expert on the topic of managing teams to maximize happiness, which heavily bolsters productivity. Learn his tips, tricks and strategies in making it happen, and make your own team happier so you all win.