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The Ultimate One-on-One Meeting Guide: Beat the Awkwardness

by Gábor Zöld / August 19, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #25

Avoid the rookie mistakes engineering managers and engineering leaders make at running one-on-one meetings. James Stanier, SVP of Engineering at Brandwatch, and author of "Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager" will teach you how to handle one on ones with both introverts, and people who complain all the time, along with many more tips and tricks.

Engineering Leader Onboarding: HubSpot’s Process to Set Managers Up for Success

by Gábor Zöld / August 5, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #24

Building trust across the board and becoming familiar with the whole context of a company is a common challenge for engineering leaders and managers as they transition to a new workplace. Nadia Alramli explains HubSpot's process to set up newly hired managers for their role.

How to Manage your Engineering Team Under Pressure - Antifragility Lessons From Robinhood and Facebook

by Gábor Zöld / July 22, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #23

Learn how to build an engineering team that not only survives under pressure, but consistently gets better. Adam Wolff explains the key ideas you need to know to make your team antifragile, and shows you how they've worked out through his personal experience from Robinhood and Facebook.

Engineering Leadership 101 - Lessons from Michael Lopp “Rands”

by Gábor Zöld / July 8, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #22

Learn the basics of engineering leadership from seasoned veteran and praised writer of the leadership world: Michael Lopp a. k. a. "Rands". Everything you need to know is in this interview, so you won't have to learn the hard way, like Michael did.

Why You Need an Engineering Brand and How to Build It

by Gábor Zöld / June 24, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #21

Do you want access to the best talent out there in the tech world? Obviously. This is why you need to build your engineering employer brand. You aren't Google or Netflix, you may not even become them, but you can make yourself visible in the right way to the right people, and you can get them into your organization. Learn pro tips from Sarah Wells, Technical Director at Financial Times!

Time Management Masterclass for Engineering Managers

by Gábor Zöld / June 10, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #20

Learn the top time management and productivity tips, tricks, hacks and practices engineering managers use to get on top of their endless mountain of work. Profit from the hard earned experience of Matt Martin, CEO of Clockwise to become the best manager you can be!

How to Create a Culture Document to Help You Scale Your Engineering Team

by Gábor Zöld / May 27, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #19

Learn the steps of creating a culture document for an engineering company! In this interview Rob Volk reveals why Foxbox Digital needed a culture deck, and what impact it had on their day-to-day work.

3 Leadership Styles to Improve Your Developer Team’s Performance

by Gábor Zöld / May 20, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #18

Master the 3 basic leadership styles to build an amazing engineering team and maximize your own potential as well. In this interview with Shawn Fair, you'll learn how, when and why to use the democratic, autocratic, and free rein leadership styles.

Hack Social Engineering to Build Effective Teams

by Gábor Zöld / May 13, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #17

Utilize social engineering tactics to make your developer team more effective and  productive than ever before. In this interview, Olivia Liddell from Amazon Web Services shows you how to use social engineering for the greater good.

Leading vs Managing: The Path to Growth as an Engineering Leader

by Gábor Zöld / April 29, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #16

Leading vs managing comparison, true stories of failures, shortcomings, struggles and solutions that lead to success in an executive leadership position. András Fincza, VP of Engineering, Emarsys shares his invaluable experience to tell you what you've never heard about leadership before.