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Engineering Productivity: How Two Sigma Keeps Developers Engaged

by Gábor Zöld / January 20, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #8

Engineering productivity is the key to unlock real treasure in the software development industry. So we interviewed Camille Fournier, well-known and successful engineering leader on engineering productivity and for real-life, actionable insights on how to maximize it.

Scaling Distributed Engineering Team: Managing Fast Growth in Remote

by Gábor Zöld / January 8, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #7

How do you scale a distributed engineering team?

It doesn’t involve just hiring more people, but also scaling communication, defining processes, making the culture strong enough and defining the vision, so you can build the new team on a solid foundation. It’s layers upon layers of work with no end. Juan Pablo Buritica, ex-VP of Engineering at Splice has managed it more than once, and explains how he pulled it off in this interview.

Managing Distributed Developer Teams: Zenput's Case Study

by Gábor Zöld / December 18, 2019

Level-up Engineering Podcast #6

In software development it's more likely now than ever, that as a manager, you'll face the challenge of leading a fully or at least partially distributed developer team. It's a brand new thing for everyone, but Tim Olshansky, current VP of Engineering at Zenput has faced this already. In this interview he shares what he learned on managing distributed developer teams over the years, and gives you actionable tips on making it work as well as possible.

Backlog vs. Specification: Why Backlog Beats Specification?

by Balazs Tornai / December 12, 2019

Specifications are well-loved by managers, because they detail every tiny step up-front. A specification builds a nice hierarchy, and it makes you think that once you hand it over to the developers, they follow it to the letter. This isn't how it works though. You need more flexibility, and a Backlog provides you exactly that.

Training Engineering Managers: This Is The Way to Keep Growing

by Gábor Zöld / December 4, 2019

Level-up Engineering Podcast #5

Recruiting experienced software engineering managers is a tough job, and you can't possibly keep up the pace during rapid growth. You should start training engineering managers on top of hiring, homegrown talent often works out better in the long run. But training software developers to become engineering managers is far from trivial.

We interviewed Matt Greenberg to learn how he handles this challenge.

Scaling Culture: Retain Your Developer Team’s Soul During Fast Growth

by Gábor Zöld / November 20, 2019

Scaling developer teams is a massive challenge in the industry, just as scaling companies in general. The key to it is scaling your culture the right way as your team grows. Here we'll show you how to do it through real life examples.

Fabric.js Tutorial: The Ultimate Guide to Objects and Complex Shapes

by Barna Burom / November 13, 2019

Having troubles with Fabric.js? So did I. Let me show you how I overcame all the early obstacles you'll likely run into as well, and made one of the top drawing libraries work for me.

Psychological Safety: The Foundation to Build Your Team’s Success

by Gábor Zöld / November 7, 2019

Level-up Engineering Podcast #4

Sometimes, teamwork gets tiring, communication gets weird, fresh ideas are rare and far between, and people are more likely to jump down each other’s throats. Sound familiar? Building psychological safety could help you fix all that. We interviewed Dan Rummel, Senior Director of Engineering at One Medical on this topic.

Scaling Developer Teams: Know-How From Amazon, Facebook and Intercom - Interview with Rich Archbold

by Gábor Zöld / October 23, 2019

Level-up Engineering Podcast #3

Software companies often grow quickly, which means developer teams often suffer to manage scaling at the pace of growth and necessary workload. We sat down with Rich Archbold to pick his brain on how they scaled developer teams at Amazon, Facebook and Intercom.

Mentoring Developers: Best Practices From Uber - Interview With Gergely Orosz

by Gábor Zöld / October 8, 2019

Level-up Engineering Podcast #2

Senior developers are in high demand, so mentoring developers to get there as quickly as possible is extremely valuable, yet mentoring is highly underutilized in software development. We sat down with Gergely Orosz, Engineering Manager at Uber to learn from his experience on mentoring developers.