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Performance Review: Build Your Process and Master Feedback Delivery

by Gábor Zöld / August 11, 2021

Level-up Engineering Podcast #46

Interview with Lara Hogan, legendary leadership coach and formal engineering leader about building a performance review process. Lara goes into detail about building a process from the bottom up and takes a deep dive into synthesizing and delivering feedback to your direct reports for maximum effectiveness.

How to Engage Remote Employees: Tips to Lead Distributed Teams

by Gábor Zöld / July 21, 2021

Level-up Engineering Podcast #45

Interview with Greg Dick, Senior Engineering Manager at Hudl about building engagement with remote employees in distributed teams. They miss out on a lot of professional and personal interactions, and don't integrate well into the team. Check out Greg's tips to learn how you can kickstart that process as a manager!

Leadership Stories from Slack by Michael Lopp

by Gábor Zöld / June 30, 2021

Level-up Engineering Stories #1

Interview with Michael Lopp, Rands about his time as VP of Product Engineering at Slack. He tells stories about the darkest day of Slack, the mistakes he made along the way and how he grew into his executive role.

Building Self-Managed Teams: A Case Study from Riot Games

by Gábor Zöld / May 19, 2021

Level-up Engineering Podcast #42

Interview with Mike Seavers, former CTO at Riot Games about building self-managed teams for high performance. Learn from a seasoned leader about making sure you have the right people, and coach them the right way to empower them so you can stop holding their hands. Unlock your team's potential and unleash them to do great work!