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Training Engineering Managers: This Is The Way to Keep Growing

by Gábor Zöld / December 4, 2019

Level-up Engineering Podcast #5

Recruiting experienced software engineering managers is a tough job, and you can't possibly keep up the pace during rapid growth. You should start training engineering managers on top of hiring, homegrown talent often works out better in the long run. But training software developers to become engineering managers is far from trivial.

We interviewed Matt Greenberg to learn how he handles this challenge.

Psychological Safety: The Foundation to Build Your Team’s Success

by Gábor Zöld / November 7, 2019

Level-up Engineering Podcast #4

Sometimes, teamwork gets tiring, communication gets weird, fresh ideas are rare and far between, and people are more likely to jump down each other’s throats. Sound familiar? Building psychological safety could help you fix all that. We interviewed Dan Rummel, Senior Director of Engineering at One Medical on this topic.

Developer Burnout: How Can a Manager Spot It and Stop It

by Gábor Zöld / September 25, 2019

Developer burnout is a real killer problem. It kills projects, companies, and careers. So we put together a list of the signs you can catch the reasons you should be looking at and the things you can do to counter developer burnout. All actionable tips based on real-life experience.

Managing Platform Teams: How to Structure and Run a Great Platform Team – Interview with Karen Cohen

by Tamás Török / September 12, 2019

Even today, there aren’t many companies with their own platform teams. Usually only the big ones have them, so there's little know-how going around in the industry. Wix.com is one such company with a great platform team and hundreds of developers. We interviewed Karen Cohen, Wix.com’s engineering manager in the platform team. She has loads of experience, and it’s not as good as gold; it’s a lot better.