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From Engineer to CEO: How to Start a Tech Company

by Gábor Zöld / March 17, 2021

Level-up Engineering Podcast #38

Interview with Taavi Rehemägi, co-founder and CEO of Dashbird. He tells the story of founding Dashbird, and what it took for him to go from software engineer to CEO. Learn how he built his network and found success in a completely different role!

Remote Onboarding: How to Save New Hires from Social Isolation

by Gábor Zöld / February 3, 2021

Level-up Engineering Podcast #36

Interview with Jerie Shaw, Senior Technical Program Manager at Shopify about building a remote onboarding process to suit the needs of remote software engineers. Coming up with new ways to get developers familiar with the job, keep energy and engagement high, and integrate them into the team while they're often continents apart.

The Ultimate Skip Level Meeting Guide for Leaders

by Gábor Zöld / December 9, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #33

Panel discussion interview with Sarah Milstein, Sr. Director of Engineering at Mailchimp, and Tanisha Barnett, Director of Engineering at Mailchimp. They get into the details of holding skip level meetings, let them be one-on-ones or group meetings.

Here's everything you'll ever need to know about why you want to have your own skip level meetings, what they look like, what questions to ask, how to break the ice, keep track of them all, and much more. Master skip level meetings to become a great engineering leader yourself!

Managing for Happiness: Tips to Run a Productive Engineering Team

by Gábor Zöld / November 25, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #32

Interview with Jurgen Appelo, leadership speaker, writer and entrepreneur. He is an expert on the topic of managing teams to maximize happiness, which heavily bolsters productivity. Learn his tips, tricks and strategies in making it happen, and make your own team happier so you all win.

Software Engineer Resume: Tips to Get in the Door at Hot Tech Companies

by Gábor Zöld / November 11, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #31

Interview with Gergely Orosz, self-employed author of 'The Tech Resume Inside Out', former Engineering Manager at Uber.

He shares unique insight into the process of hiring for a big tech company. We also look at tips to stand out from the crowd with your software engineer resume, and what companies should do differently to find talent more effectively.

How to Make the Spotify Model Work for You - Hint: Don’t Copy Blindly

by Gábor Zöld / October 28, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #30

Interview with Jonathan Rasmusson, ex-Spotify employee and author of 'Competing with Unicorns' about the key elements of making the Spotify model work.

Squads, tribes and guilds are the essential elements of the Spotify model, but there is a lot more to it. Leadership is the force that drives all the elements, makes the model come alive and deliver a great product. You get all the answers here about how that works.

Software Engineer Career Ladder: Don’t Copy-Paste—Make Your Own!

by Gábor Zöld / October 14, 2020

Level-up Engineering Podcast #29

Interview with Tim Olshansky, EVP of Product & Engineering at Zenput on creating a software engineer career ladder for your own team.

This isn't a template you can just copy and paste, then forget it ever even existed. This is a guide to creating a meaningful engineering career ladder from Tim, who has been through it more than once.