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Software Development Trends 2018: Research and Data

by Tamás Török / April 11, 2018

State of Software Development 2018 report

Software development evolves super-fast. A tool or framework used today might be obsolete tomorrow. Our intention is to take a snapshot of the industry, track how it evolved in the past and make an educated guess as to where it’s heading. This year’s report will give you the data you need to benchmark your activities against other survey participants, get some insights to further improve your developer team and keep up with the rapidly changing industry.

Developer Team Performance: Why Your Team Slows Down and What to do About It

by Tamás Török / February 13, 2018

There are many different things that could slow down your team and eventually lead to missed deadlines and expectations.

It happens quite often.

But this shouldn't happen.

In this post, we will uncover the main things that can slow down your team and provide some hands-on tips to address these issues.

Our intention is to help you structure the problem and uncover different internal and external factors that could impact your team’s productivity.

Team Productivity: 9 Ways to Improve Developers Productivity

by Tamás Török / January 24, 2018

It’s really challenging to stay productive individually in today’s environment, and the same applies to team productivity. How do you help your team get more things done while team productivity is constantly challenged? You not only need tools but rather a complex system that allows your developers to get the most out of their days and eventually, as a team, to reach their goals. This post is here to help you significantly improve your developers’ productivity.

Microservice Architecture: All the Best Practices You Need to Know

by Tamás Török / November 30, 2017

Switching to a microservice architecture seems easy, but tech leaders tend to underestimate the complexity of the project and make disastrous mistakes. Before transforming your monolithic system into microservices, or starting one from scratch, you need to carefully consider the technological and organizational challenges that will arise.

4 Effective Knowledge Transfer Methods for Software Teams

by Tamás Török / November 14, 2017

We all know knowledge transfer is key to building a kickass software developer team, but among many pressing issues, knowledge transfer is one of the first things that will be put aside when a burning deadline is approaching. But, the problem still stays here: knowledge is unevenly available in your team. In this blog post, we show you the most effective knowledge transfer methods for software teams.

Is Hiring Developers a Challenge? Here is How Tech Companies Came Over It

by Tamás Török / November 2, 2017

Hiring great software developers is a huge challenge. Actually, this is the biggest challenge (tech) companies are facing, according to the State of Software Development 2017 report. The report also uncovered the most efficient ways tech leaders are using to overcome the hiring challenge. This post features the most popular 4, offering some tips you can use to get developers on board.

How FINIS Built a Mobile App without Hiring Software Developers

by Tamás Török / October 17, 2017

FINIS wanted to help their customers get the most out of their swimming training, so they created a mobile application that increases workout quality by providing data and insights on the health benefits of swimming. This case study shows how FINIS successfully built a mobile app without expanding its software development team.

NoSQL vs Relational Database File Storing (MongoDB and SQL Server Comparison)

by Barna Burom / October 9, 2017

When you as a software developer start examining a new project’s specifications that just arrived at your team, you start planning the architecture. Every application uses data handling and storing, so you will need a database. Nowadays, there are tons out on the market, so you can become confused with which one to choose. Well, it highly depends on what your soon to be app is about. In this blog post, we will discuss the opportunities of file storing with relational and NoSQL databases through the comparison of MongoDB and SQL Server.